Cosmetic Gum Reshaping

General Information & Overview

White, straight teeth contribute to an attractive smile but our gums also play an important role. A delicate balance exists between the size of your teeth and the proportions of your smile and face. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your gums, cosmetic gum contouring can shape and trim excess tissue. Dr. Achary uses advanced technology, which minimizes discomfort and reduces recovery time. Our periodontist can carefully plan and perform gum reshaping to ensure that your results will complement your unique smile. To learn more about gum contouring, contact our office today.

Am I A Good Candidate?

During your consultation, Dr. Acharya will evaluate your gums, teeth, and overall oral health. While cosmetic gum contouring is an aesthetic procedure, it is important that your gums are in good health. We will recommend treatment for gum disease if necessary before any aesthetic treatments are performed.

Gum contouring candidates are patients whose smiles will be improved by the reshaping of their gum tissue. These patients may have excess gum tissue or an uneven gum line. By recontouring the gum line, we can expose more of each tooth's structure, making the teeth appear larger or more uniformly shaped. Our doctor has extensive experience in gum reshaping and can design a treatment plan that delivers beautiful, natural-looking results.

Although many people choose to combine gum reshaping with another procedure, like veneers, it can be used as a stand-alone treatment. When compared to more complex cosmetic procedures, this relatively simple and inexpensive option is a great alternative for many patients.

  • Non-restorable teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Cosmetic reasons

The Procedure

Before your treatment begins, Dr. Acharya may administer a local anesthetic to the treatment area. In most cases, the local anesthetic is unnecessary, since the treatment is much more comfortable than traditional gum reshaping, which is performed with a scalpel. Once your gums are prepped, Dr. Acharya will carefully begin to surgical remove small amounts of tissue from your gum line, taking note of how each tooth looks within your smile.

The soft-tissue scalpel we will be followed by sealing tissue during treatment with stitches. As a result, you will experience bleeding during the procedure. Our advance tool sterilization reduces your chances of infection following treatment. Once your cosmetic goals have been achieved, you will return home with specific instructions on how to take care of your gums in the days following surgery. You may experience some soreness, swelling, and redness which should dissipate quickly.