Surgical Procedures

Periodontal Surgical Procedures

Which kind of surgery a dental surgeon performs depends on the type and severity of the gum disease. Before surgery, your periodontist may give the gums a deep cleaning. One procedure known as scaling and root planing can remove tartar and bacteria from teeth and gum.

Periodontal surgery only involves the use of a local anesthetic to completely numb the area. The injection of the numbing medication can be mildly uncomfortable. Patients can listen to music on personal headphones during the procedure.

Following any dental procedure, a dentist will provide detailed instructions on how to achieve the best possible recovery. Recovery times will depend on the extent of the procedure taking place

Typically, people will require pain relief medications in the days after gum surgery. Again, the dentist will talk to the person about any recommended drugs before they leave the office. Learn more about each surgical procedure below by clicking on each icon.

Types of Surgical Procedures